Alongside the awesome lectures at Camerahaus Photo Festival 2018 (CPF 2018), there will be lots of special events and activities including:



We start our day with a series of photowalks lead by great street photographers!


Live Shoots

In interactive workshop where participants can shoot live together with the facilitator.



Photography Sale

Since it’s our birthday, we’re gonna treat everyone with a massive photography sale.


Photography Trade Show

The world’s leading photography brands will be exhibiting throughout the entire CPF 2018. Attendees can avail exclusive, special discounts, have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest photo gear, and benefit from other useful services including free sensor cleaning.



Every Camerahaus Photo Festival, we make sure that participants will go home with a smile on their faces. Not only because of a fun event, but they can have the chance to take home prizes from the sponsors, enjoy a cup of fresh juice or shake to cool the hot summer day, and participate in an awesome photo contest that everyone will love. During the night, attendees can also enjoy a cold bottle of beer or a margarita, care of us.


Camera Cleaning Center

Make your cameras and lenses happy too as our partner brands setup free external cleaning services at our dedicated service center.


Loot Bags

Who doesn't love free goodies? You might find surprise items hidden inside your free loot bag.


During the day, participants can get the chance to get a complimentary meal care of us. It’s our birthday, right?




Instagram On The Spot

Whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast or a pro, our photo contest is open to all. Capture the fun that happens throughout the day and win amazing prizes!


Booth Contest

CPF 2018 is not just a celebration of photographers, but for suppliers as well! The best booth design will win a special prize from Camerahaus.



Want to win amazing raffle prizes? Then visit all the booths, get your ID stamped, and when finished, drop your ID at the raffle box.



As the day turns into night, we gather all photographers for our evening entertainment featuring the pro and international photographers.


Professional Shoot Out

We’ll pit two to four Professionals against each other in a battle to make the best photograph of an undisclosed subject in only 20 minutes. A must-see!


The Price Is Right

Silhouetting from the popular game show, this is an event that features the guessing of the prices of photography gear.


The Right Exposure

This is a multiple choice game and is open to everyone.

A question will be asked with 4 answers. The contestants will line up on the answer of their choice. If they lined up in the correct answer, they move on to the next question. The rest are eliminated.